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  1. Smash Cakes
    6" Smash Cake $20.00
    Celebrating a milestone occasion and need a SMASH CAKE. Talent 2 Design is your source. 6" cake, created with vanilla or chocolate cake. Your color choice of buttercream icing. Perfect addition for any special occasion, for young and old at heart. $20 per Smash Cake
  2. Special Occasion Cakes **1 Tier
    Please note this is a BASE Price, as each cake is CUSTOM as the client is. The price per cake is reflective of the size, and complexity of design chosen. 1 tier starts at $65
    We make all your special occasions extra special. A cake from Talent 2 Design is an edible work of art. Choose vanilla or chocolate cake. Choose buttercream or fondant or BOTH. We work with all budgets. Contact us today to order your special cake for any day in your life! 1 tier Cake starts at $65
  3. Custom Cakes **2 Tier & up
    Please note this is a BASE PRICE as each cake is as custom as our client is. The price per cake depends on the amount of cake needed and the complexity of design chosen. 2 tier& up cake - $100 & up
    Any creation, design you imagine can be created into an edible piece of art by our professional artist at Talent 2 Design. Decorated with buttercream, or fondant or BOTH!!! Please contact us for your free consultation. 2 tier cake $100& up
  4. Cookie Favours (per dozen)
    Individually Wrapped 12/$35
    Niagara's Best Sugar cookie topped with royal icing and painted by our professional artist. Each cookie is packaged individually, in a clear bag. With co-ordinating ribbon added for a finishing touch. Sold by the dozen. $35/ dozen
  5. Cookie Theme Platters (per dozen)
    Platter Style 12/$30
    Niagara's Best Sugar Cookies topped with Royal Icing hand painted by our professional Artist. Platter of sugar cookies in your chosen theme, made to order. Sold per dozen. $30/Dozen
  6. Cupcakes
    Buttercream Design Cupcakes 12/$25 Fondant Design Cupcakes 12/$30
    Cupcakes available per dozen. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet, Strawberry, Lemon and Salted Caramel.
  7. Cake Pops
    Popular, Delicious and available at Talent 2 Design by client demand. CAKE POPS!!! $2 Each (min order 12) **Fondant Pops additional Fee
  8. Cookie Pops
    Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies $1.25 ea (min order 12)
    Themed Cookie Pops are always available Valentines, Easter, Halloween & Christmas.... but thats not all there sports related ones, baby showers & more. You imagine it we create it! Individually wrapped. $1.25ea
  9. JUMBO Cupcake Smash Cake
    JUMBO Cupcake Smash Cake $25.00
    Choose chocolate or vanilla cake for this JUMBO Cupcake Cake. Then choose the type of buttercream decor you would like. And we will make this JUMBO cupcake into an edible piece of art for your little one, for there milestone celebration, for a photoshoot, or simply just because. $25.00
  10. Chocolate Covered Rice Krispie Favors
    The title says it all.. $1.50ea (min order 12)
    Rice Krispie squares freshly made, dipped in your choice of chocolate color. Attached to a decorative paper straw and individually wrapped. $1.50ea (min order 12)
  11. Paw Patrol Bone Cake
    Paw Patrol Bone Cake is a fantastic option when you want to feed a lot of pups, on a small budget. This gorgeous cake feeds approx. 40-50 people (depends how you cut it) $85.00
    Paw Patrol Bone Cake $85.00 Great Design for great price, feeds 40-50 people
  12. Choc Covered Oreo Favors
    Choc Covered Oreo Favors, can be created for ANY special occasion. Each is individually wrapped. $1.50/ea (min order 12)
    Choc, oreos need I say more. $1.50 ea (min order 12)
  13. Deluxe Cupcake Bouquet
    Send an edible bouquet of flowers (cupcakes) for any occasion, this deluxe bouquet can be customized for any recipient, for any occasion. Starting at $20/bouquet
    Amazing that these are EDIBLE!!! Send a deluxe Cupcake Bouquet TODAY! Starting at $20/Bouquet
  14. Cookie Pop/Cake Pop Bouquets
    For all of life's special events, a cake/cookie pop bouquet. Which can be customized to any theme, and size that you require by our professional artist. Bouquets start at $20.00
    Bouquets start at $20.00
  15. Wedding Cakes
    Up and Coming Wedding? Look no further for your AFFORDABLE solution to your edible piece of art for the special day.
    Schedule a complimentary cake sampling, with your fiancé/members of the wedding party. Sample our delicious cakes, and filling options. Discuss your Wedding needs with our professional artist.
  16. Wedding Cupcake Tiers & Cutting Cake
    Growing in popularity is the tiers of cupcakes to serve to your wedding guests. in addition a small cutting cake is created to match your Wedding theme/decor.
    Schedule a complimentary wedding cake sampling with your fiancé, or members from the wedding party. Sample the array of flavours available for your cupcakes, and whipped buttercream toppings. Discuss your special needs, design with our professional artist.
  17. Personalized/Custom Cake Toppers
    Perfect non edible addition to any cake for every occasion.
    Personalized and custom cake toppers are available. in 5-10".
  18. Custom Cupcake Wrappers
    Perfect non-edible addition to your cupcake order.
    Array of designs and colors available. Add to your cupcake for an extra dazzle of WOW
  19. Cookie Cakes
    The best of all worlds, a cookie thats a CAKE starting at $20
    Choose from chocolate chip or funfetti, decorate your cookie to tie into your special celebration. Choose your size, and EAT starting at $20
  20. Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Pops
    Marshmallows covered in chocolate on a stick. $1.50/ea
    You choose the color of chocolate, the theme if applicable. Each pop is individually wrapped. $1.50/ea

All prices subject to HST 13%

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