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Talent 2 Design was established in 2016 with the mission, and goal set to provide the Niagara Region with "Edible Pieces of Art, Affordable Prices".
Talent 2 Design is located at 76 West Main Street in Welland. A store front in Downtown Welland allows clients to pick up there custom edible pieces of art. You will also find a small retail section of Grab and Go items. Talent 2 Design is an AWARD WINNING bakery which creates CUSTOM Edible Pieces of Art for the Niagara Region. 

Who is Talent 2 Design? The owner is Lisa Allain. A 35 year old mother of 3. Whose background is interestingly not in the culinary field at all, rather she studied Health Sciences specializing in Nursing. Lisa is a Niagara College and Mohawk College Gradutate. Immediately following graduation from Nursing school she became licenced with the College of Nurses and found her calling as a Nurse specializing in Alzheimers and Dementia. 

Life always brings us obstacles, and Lisa has surely expierenced her share of obstacles. 

A motor vehcile accident in 2008 forever changed the course of her life. Lisa substained  catastrophic injuries including a closed head injury which required an extensive team to assist in rehabilitation to re learn activities of daily living. 

In sept 2010 those obstacles we spoke of earlier, can be defined right here. With teams of specialists workiing daily to reintergrate Lisa into being independant and able to complete activities of daily living,  a seizure occured admitting Lisa to hospital and soon after a diagnosis emnerged following scans to the head. A Brain Tumor in the Frontal Lobe was found. Care was transferred to the amazing team at the Juravinski Cancer Center. Brain surgery was performed. During this time the College of Nurses no longer renewed her licence due to the issues pertaining to the brain. If that were not enough her marriage of a decade crumbled. The strain of these serious of events was to much for anoyone to bear. Despite the vows, for better or for worse. 

If you have ever met Lisa you will know she is a positive, optomisitic person. And this would not allow her to be down. She collected herself. And dealt with health issues head on. It took a number of years to deal with legal issues, combined with the complexity of health issues. Always hoping one day there will be a silver lining to all this. 

In 2015, Lisa's 3rd Child was born. A miracle in every sense. From conception, to the complications that arouse during pregnancy and then the birth of her daughter who was premature with her own premmie related issues. None the less. A miracle. A blessing. 

On the eve of the miracles babies first birthday she made a smash cake and then subsequent goodies, including sugar cookies for her party. And this is how it all began. Requests for cookies, and smash cakes started. And the idea blossomed. I can do this. With the health clearance from her team at the Juravinski, it became official and Talent 2 Design was Born in August 2016. It began with a simple dream to be able to provide for her children again, not rely on community food banks, and resources to feed her children. The dream of having enough funds to purchase groceries is what fuled this idea. 
In February 2017, notarity of Talent 2 Design had spread. With success always comes those who want and will do anything to see you fail. Calls to public health and other sources were made, with the intent to destroy what Lisa was building. In addition messages via social media in a very bully like manner. Lisa would not allow this to interfer with her dream to provide for her children. She obtained a larger home which included a 2nd kitchen. This became the new home for Talent 2 Design and her family. The 2nd kitchen became public health inspected, Lisa obtained her food handler certificate and she was licenced with the City of Welland. Soon after she became a member of the Welland/Pelham Chamber of Commerce. 

October 2017, Lisa was nominated for the Venture Niagara Award. An award given by the Chamber of Commerce (Ruby Awards) for female entrepreneur of the year who has overcome obstacle and achieved success. on October 17th 2017, Lisa WON this Award and accepted with a standing Ovation. Humbled, shocked and teary eyed Lisa accepted and gave a fantastic speech, sharing her journey and achievement to date. 

On Jan4th 2018, another one of those hurdles occured. A massive flood occured and washed Talent 2 Design as it was once know away. Also the family was evacuated and stayed at a hotel for weeks following the flood. In Feb 2018, Lisa was using a rental kitchen, contuing to persavere when she decided to look options to further grow Talent 2 Design. The concept of a Store front was born, and a location found. 

March 10th 2018, the grand opening at 76 West Main Street was held. An affair attended by many, including the Welland Mayor, The Welland BIA, The Chamber of Commerce, Pen Financial, Chelsea Crites (Country Music Singer), Ms Canada (Carrie Germon), The Welland Tribune, Rise Assest Management, Start Me Up Niagara and so many more. 

76 West Main in Welland is a 1200sq foot store front. This location allows a pick up point for customers. A cozy consultation area, a retail area stocked with Grab and Go items and a large open concept kitchen. With this new location Lisa has been able to hire staff to assist. She believes in providing 2nd chances to others like her. And employes individuals with disabilities. 

The story does not end here, simply more chapters to be added. 

From Lisa herself....
There are NO guarantees of tomorrow, and I am so blessed and grateful for my 2nd chance at life. I am proud to be a role model for my 3 babies. Yes, even my 16 year old son you will always be MY BABY!! There were many days of darkness and I could not understand why this was all happening. WHY ME, I would ask.
I live to share my story with you all. To give back to my community as it gave to me, on my darkest days.
I am not sure where Talent 2 Design is headed. I do know it is destin for amazing things to come, so keep watching us GROW!!!!What I do know, with every fiber in me it will be my legacy with each creation a true piece of art. And no matter the size of your pocket book, be affordable. As T2D grows so will my contributions to my community. I truly believe this is what sets Talent 2 Design apart. 

Lisa Allain